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"Absolutely Beautiful!"

                                         This is a wonderfully detailed and beautiful story. Howard is afraid of the dark and only goes out in the daytime. When he's coaxed out one night and becomes separated from his friends, Howard discovers that the world can be an amazing and beautiful place in the darkness too. He has an adventurous night in which each incident brings him closer to realizing what he's capable of and who he truly can be if he only follows his heart. Can't wait to read this again with my children! Amazing characters, life lessons and beautiful descriptions make this a fun and magical story that children and adults will enjoy.


As sundown approaches and Twilight begins, the animals in the Big Woods known as The Nocturns emerge to work and play in the night. The Nocturns love the darkness and the magical time when the sun goes to sleep and the moon lights the sky. But one Nocturn does not like the night – not one little bit. A young raccoon too smart for his own good, Howard only likes the daylight where he can see things as they really are. But when Howard becomes lost in the darkness he discovers in one night it’s not always what you can see with your eyes that matters – it’s what you know in your heart.

"You won't want to miss this children's book!"

                                         Kris Calvert pens amazing adult books, and I was excited to see that she took her talent to a world I can share with my children. Per Kris's style - I was not disappointed, and neither was my daughter. A world filled with colorful animal characters and a storyline that had more than just fluff to it. MY daughter was eager to see what happened next to each character in the story, and we both became emotionally attached to Howard. I cannot wait for the physical copy of this beautiful story. This is a book that will be read again and again with the kiddos ­– One that will be passed down for sure from my children to theirs. <3 <3 <3

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